Ramblings of a Mom, Wife, and Quilter

Well, September brings about a new school year meaning new grades for the kiddies, and the beginning of my quilting guild year.

My daughter is in grade 5 this year. This is frightening!! i remember my own grade 5 with startling clarity and was the year i started getting picked on. I’m certain that she won’t have the issues I did, but she is enough like me that i will be cringing through til June! She is so sensitive, all criticisms are taken straight to the heart, making her an easy target. She isn’t like me in that she isn’t afraid to stand up for something she doesn’t agree with. She started in jujitsu in June, and now has a stripe on her yellow belt :), I am so ridiculously proud of her! And we changed her piano teacher, which was a great decision! She really likes the new teacher, practises are less of a fight, and the teacher has plans to have her test for grade 2 in June.

My son is now in Senior Kindergarten in a new school. He has been a problem in his class for his new teacher and she asked us to rule out a diagnosis as he will not follow instructions in class, among other issues. We met with the pediatrician yesterday and she doesn’t feel that there are any signs for concerns. We are following through with the rest of the assessment process, but just to finish it off, we both feel much better!! He starts karate and swimming tomorrow.

I have some quilting updates, i have been up to all kinds of craftiness 🙂 but they are for another post. I am hoping to start updating regularly


I was not ready to write anything i guess. so many things happened close together. In december i went to the doctor telling him i was freezing all the time and so exhausted i could barely get out of bed. He did some blood tests and my B12 was really low, but my iron was horrible and got worse before it got better. As of now I am on iron pills daily (which i am hit and miss on taking, but notice a difference when i take them regularly), and weekly B12 shots.

also during december i got a phone call out of the blue from a quilt shop i frequent, it is near my house. I have a book, a brag book i suppose you could call it, of all the quilts i have made. I guess i showed it to her at some point and she wrote down my phone number. She called me to see if i was interested in working in her shop one or two days a week and maybe even teaching! i was so surprised! I have never taught quilting, but i have worked in a quilt shop before. I said sure. i was kind of looking for work and she wanted me during the hours my son is in school. perfect! I would start in the new year.

a week later i was in a second hand children’s clothing store talking to the owner and an accountant i used to do bookkeeping for years ago walked in the door looking for directions. She asked what i was up to and i mentioned my accounting upgrading. she suggested i email her a resume as she was looking for someone to start in the new year. She called me a few weeks later, talked about dates and times and we agreed.

Between the two jobs, i work mon, wed, and fri, but only during the hours my kids are in school! i am there to drop them off, there to pick them up and home every evening and weekend and have full flexibility to take days off if i need to!! OMG! My son knows i have been at work when he sees my lunch bag in the front seat, and he always asks “did you eat all your lunch, Mommy?” apparently this is what i do at work, lol, i eat lunch…

It has been be a HUGE adjustment for me, but i LOVE it! both of them! i work for some amazing ladies and love the jobs that i do.

Also since the new year, i have lost weight. some of this is due to weight i put on when my iron and B12 were so low, but i have made a huge adjustment to my eating (nothing processed, no white flour/rice/potatoes, no sugar, lots of fruits and veggies), now some days are more successful than others, but i am trying all day every day to keep it up and get back to it when i tip off..lol… my clothes all fit, or are loose, and i am happy.

My kids are awesome!

My son is doing so much better at school now! his teacher really doesn’t give him the credit he deserves, has had the other children monitoring his behavior, and thinks he has an issue that needs a diagnosis (she isn’t winning that war and the school special ed. supervisor is on my side!) He actually followed instructions and wrote down something from the chalkboard the other day. He hasn’t hit anyone since March, and is actually sitting down and paying attention. I am so proud of him!

My daughter is, as always, the light of my life! She had a ballet exam last month, her tap and acro recital is at the end of the month, she has a piano recital in June. She is doing amazing in school, is a fantastic friend and a wonderful help at home. We have had issues with the other girls at school and i am trying to give her the tools to deal with it on her own.

I have starting sewing again, working in the quilt shop really helped with that! i am inspired on a weekly basis!! i will post pictures of what i am working on now, but ssshhhhh, it’s a secret 😉

Scholastically Inclined

so this summer i had a brain storm. It started with the decision to refresh my accounting skills so i could begin thinking about returning to work, or rather prepping so that returning to work was more feasible. This didn’t seem like a concrete enough goal, so i did some digging at the local college and decided to get my Accounting Certificate. This way i would have a piece of paper in my hand at the end of it and a goal in mind with a deadline.

So i retook Accounting I, which i originally took more than 10 years ago. I finished on time with a 97%.. pretty proud of myself, i must say..

Then i got ambitious…

I signed up for Accounting II which i took just under 10 years ago and while that was going on, signed up for an AccPac course in the classroom.

My deadline for Accounting II is FAST approaching and i am not even done my assignments yet. Luckily they let me book my exam, with 2 assignments still outstanding… I GOTTA GET A MOVE ON!! and yet the books are untouched *sigh*

On a happy note, my AccPac course has 3 tests, all open book, no homework, and no final exam. My kinda course!!!! LOL

School Misadventures

So, school isn’t going so smoothly for the boy. Or the teacher, for that matter… lol…

Second week of school i got a phone call from the teacher to tell me his day hadn’t gone so smoothly. In one day he: threw a rock in the playground (which luckily didn’t hit anyone), threw a toy in the classroom (which did hit someone in the head), punch his 5 year old helper in the stomach, then later twisted that same boys arm until he was crying and had a mark, then drew all over his desk in crayon as far as he could reach in all directions.

in ONE day!!

About 2 weeks later we hit an all time LOW!

His teacher nearly called the police because he was MISSING! She says she has never lost a child before. never… It took the vice-principal, 2 EA’s, and 2 teachers to not find him. They were having a pow-wow talking about calling the police when one of the other children spotted him…. he had never left the classroom! He was behind a bookshelf, under a table, had pulled the chairs in and had just flat out refused to answer. My boy… And the teacher 33 weeks pregnant, was taken off of work a week later for high blood pressure and three days after that had her baby, 5 weeks early. Pretty sure we can blame the boy for that. *sigh*

Since then, it has been a game of “how many time-outs did he get today?” and sometimes he doesn’t get any, but those days are few and far between. It has been a real challenge!!

Quilting Retreat

So many things have been going on around here, there is no way i could go into it all!! But i did have the opportunity to disappear for 3 days on retreat. Quilting retreat, my favourite thing!! Here is what i was working on:

This is a paper-pieced project from www.paperpanache.com. They have some amazing stuff!! I was hoping to have it done to hang up for Halloween, sadly some things aren’t possible




This was a charm pack (sampler of 5″ squares) and a meter of off white with stars. I really wanted to try out this pattern, but once i finished the squares i decided it needs sashing in between. These are just laid out on the floor (and some of them are wrong, lol).. hopefully a finished picture will follow before too long.. 😉

 I won some fabric so i decided to make the kids bags and fill them with stuff i had picked up for them. This is my son’s bag, he cared more about the truck inside.





My daughter was excited about everything! The bag and the contents… I picked up some odds and ends, threw in some fabric i had won. It’s a simple bad that only took a few minutes and one of the ladies gave me ribbon to pull through to tie them closed with.

This one i am so proud of! It is for my son’s bed, he is only three but i really wanted to make him something he can keep forever. The only other quilt that fits his bed right now is flannel top and bottom. good for winter, but not in the summer time. The idea is for this to be finished for him to use before then….lol… i bought a jelly roll (2 1/2″ strips sampler set and yardage of the green. The corner stones in the sashing were from a fabric one of the ladies threw out, another lady rescued and it matched beautifully! normally i hate corner stones because they are too picky, but i am so happy i put them in this quilt! then i halved lengthwise some of the cream strips and put a pinstripe border, to add depth i framed that in diagonally half black, half chocolate. It wasn’t long enough so with the scraps i made a piano key border on the top and bottom and finished it with the final green border. I didn’t even have a plan for this quilt, it grew a piece at a time and it is perfect. i can’t wait til it’s done 😀

I am sure you were all breathlessly waiting to hear this news LOL… I think i can call it. After all the….. well, shit… lol.. that we have been through, i think it’s done. He is going consistently every 2 days now. What a process!

In August we took him to a Pediatric Gastro-Enterologist… yeah, that’s a mouth full. And he was at every 2 days at that point. She was unhappy with what we were doing, said to put him back on dairy, add mineral oil, take him off the seeds… well, this is her job.. so i tried her advice. What a fucking joke! It took weeks to get him back to where we had been before we saw her. I was pissed…

So, here it is fall, and he is doing great! Every two days. The only thing is, it’s still in his potty. It has been consistent for long enough now that i think it’s time for the potty to disappear.. hubby doesn’t agree. But he needs to be able to poop anywhere, not just at home in his potty…

Next adventure: The beginning of school!

constipation still

so at the beginning of May, we went back to see the Pediatrician because the boy will not have a bowel movement without either a laxative or an enema… these conditions don’t make anyone in the house happy. This pediatrician has always been amazing! seriously! and not just with me, but with most people i know! his response to this stubborn constipation? “i don’t know what else to tell you so i will send you on to a pediatric gastro-enterologist”

seriously? i can’t help you now so i will pass you along the chain? what is this other doctor supposed to tell me? that the boy is constipated? i know that. that it isn’t medical? i know that! there is nothing wrong with the boy, but that is it? his bag of tricks is used up so on you go?? i cannot tell you how disappointed i was. he says we should get an appointment at the end of may. when i finally did get a call, his appointment is at the end of AUGUST!

not one to just leave things like that be, i decided to try a nutritionist. Angel’s jazz teacher from last year is a certified nutritionist practitioner. certified means it is probably covered under hubby’s medical. he has WICKED coverage!

The very first thing she suggested was taking him off the completely inert mineral oil and try flax-seed oil. at least this way he is getting vitamins and nutrients. this blew me away, it made so much more sense. then she suggested using seeds in his food; ground flax seeds, ground hemp seeds, and chia seeds. you would NOT believe the difference this alone made. we are also trying to eliminate dairy, and severely reducing his wheat intake.

we aren’t fixed yet, but it’s rare for him to go more than three days, and sometimes it is daily… he hasn’t had laxatives or enemas since we started seeing her. she is a little extreme with her food recommendations but she is a real food practitioner, and a vegan to boot.. i’m not ready to flip our lives completely around, but i am incorporating as many of her recipes and suggestions as i can.

we have been up to so much in the last 3 months since i wrote, i will try and piece it back together in updates 🙂